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                                 COMPARATIVE GENETIC CONCEPT OF MEANING DEVELOPMENT:                                                    RESULTS AND PROSPECTS OF RESEARCH                


Kezina Svetlana Vladimirovna, Candidate of Philology, associate professor, sub-department of Russian language, Penza State Pedagogical Univerisity named after V. G. Belinskiy, 

Index UDK

81’373; 001.4 


In the article fundamental provisions of the comparative-genetic concept of value development are revealed: a choice of optimum system for studying evolution of word semantics, the account of explicit and implicit system condition of value, and also non-uniform communications in a semantic paradigm of a diachronic field. Results of application of the comparative-genetic concept of value development are presented and prospects of scientific researches in this direction are defined. 

Key words

a comparative-genetic concept of value development, semantics, explicit and implicit of value condition, a diachronic field, a heterogeneous diachronic field. 

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